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"Electric Boogaloo 2013 Remix" Video!

Shabba-Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp & Special K are back! The 1980s are behind us but Electric Boogaloo has been re-imagined for the new millennium with this 2013 remix featuring the vocal stylings of Australia's Samantha Jade. Enjoy this fast-paced dance edit featuring some of the hottest & hippest dance moves ever! Exclusive Dance video brought to you in association with & For more videos visit our Pick of the Flicks Youtube Channel


 "Top 10 Rock n Roll Movies" Video!

Slick your hair back & get into the groove with 10 amazing Rock n Roll Movies. It's time to jump, jive & get the jukebox pumping. Top 10 Video brought to you in association with & For more videos visit our Pick of the Flicks Youtube Channel

 "Rock of Ages" Video Review!

Video review for the "stage to screen triumph" Rock Of Ages starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough, Rusell Brand & Alec Bladwin. Video Review brought to you in association with


"Katy Perry Part Of Me" Video Review!

Video review for Katy's energetic big screen outing. Video brought to you in association with

"Footloose" (2011) Video Review!
"Voted #1 Teen Movie of 2011"

2011 has been another great year for teen movies but there can be only one winner when it comes to choosing the "Best Teen Movie of 2011". This year the honor goes to "Footloose". In a time when very few remakes succeed "Footloose" has become the surprise exception. Yes, some tried to brush it off as "just another remake" but the film proved everybody wrong because it was so much more than that! To find out why “Footloose” is the “Best Teen Movie Of 2011”, check out our “Footloose - In A Nutshell - Film Review”. This Exclusive video is Now Showing on this site (play button below) and on the Hollywood Teen Movies YouTube Channel.


Millennium Favorites

Rock Of Ages
“The movie musical is back! Tom Cruise almost steals the film in this stage to screen triumph. Click here for full review

Katy Perry Part Of Me 3D
"A celebration of a pop princess with spunk! Katy’s big screen outing is a candy coated delight, an entertaining concert-movie with suitable polish. See it & you'll become a fan!”. More

Footloose (2011)
"A hot remake that’s equal if not better than the original; slick direction & fresh faces with spunk & attitude make this dynamic dance flick the crowd-pleaser of 2011".

Step Up 2: The Steets
“Step 2: The Streets” succeeds in being a high-energy mish-mash of freestyle, hip-hop, break-dancing, krumpin’,  poppin’, lockin’ and more. Click here for full review

Walk Hard
“Walk Hard” is the musical bio-pic to end all bio-pics. Dewey has more affairs than any musician on the planet, takes more mind-altering drugs than Keith Richards and has more hit records than Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and The Beatles put together. Click here for full review

Retro Greats

“It’s an energized fusion of high school delirium; first love, dance-halls, hot-rods, milk-bars, malt-shops, carnival fun and of course rock ‘n’ roll. “Grease” is and always will be a rollicking good-time!". View more

Saturday Night Fever
“Fever” is not only a thought-provoking social drama but the ultimate time capsule of the disco era; it has intensity and a cool factor that would make even the most reluctant viewer want to strut!". View more

The Idolmaker
Before “American Idol”, there was the foot tapping musical “The Idolmaker”. A rousing motion picture that takes audiences behind the scenes of the pop music industry of the 1960s.
Click here for full review

Dirty Dancing
“Dirty Dancing” features some raw, energetic dance sequences and has a spectacular soundtrack as a backdrop.
Click here for full review

Purple Rain
“Purple Rain” is a stylish, well photographed film with energetic music performances. Today it serves as a time capsule of a time and place when Prince’s freshness spelt hip & cool for the 1980s generation. Click here for full review

Jailhouse Rock
“If you haven’t seen this film you haven’t seen Elvis. “Jailhouse Rock” is a toe-tapping dramatic delight - the complete arsenal in the Elvis Presley cannon!”. View more

A Hard Day's Night
"This raw, Beatles time-capsule shot in glorious black & white is a depiction of pop-culture hysteria in full-tilt". View More

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